Monday, October 6, 2008

House Update

Well as most of you know, we have been waiting on flooring. I have also been arguing with the contractor about the paint color. Today I spoke to him, the good news is the flooring is finally in, however because I was right about the fact that the walls were not painted correctly, the painter will spend the next few days, PAINTING, then the floor man will be there through the weekend, the carpet man on Mon & Tues, the paint touch up on Wednesday, appliance installs at the end of next week, and yes I know this all sounds good and hey their on their way again, buuuuuuutttttttt the bad news is it could be 4-6 more weeks, I ask that you all stand in agreement with me and pray that he is getting this whole timing thing wrong or we will be having turkey sandwiches out of a cooler for Thanksgiving.

Lord knows I have learned the "patience is a virtue" lesson.
Then again maybe theres another lesson in this that I haven't yet realized.

This is a replica of our home to be. I chose a soft creamy yellow with burgandy shutters, I will paint the door to match the shutters,(its not covered by the waranty if they paint it.) I was once told that any shade of red on a door is a sign of invitation, and since we did build our house on the bible, literally it is under the foundation, I want everyone to feel free to come by.......for fun, food, and fellowship....

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Angie said...

Did you really burry a Bible under the slab? If so, I love it!
If you have turkey sandwiches out of the cooler, it will still be Thanksgiving!
The longer you are patient, the longer you will be patient!
An open invitation for fod, fun and fellowship? don't you worry, I'll be there a bunch!!!